Monday, October 6, 2008

Feeling Sleepy while doing Simran

Do you feel sleepy while doing Simran ?

What is remedy?



some true gursikh needs to answer

Malwinder Singh said...

It's an interesting question. Let us begin by asking a simple question, 'When do we yawn or feel like sleeping?' It is only when the task on hand is either too boring or monotonous. Mst of us feel that the 'Nitnem' or the daily simran is a duty which are bound to perform. This mindset not only introduces a high degree of monotony in our routine but also deviates us from the real motive of simran i.e. cleansing the mind and the soul.
We need to remember that the 'Nitnem' is a gift for us by the Holy Gurus and that they wanted us to lead a healthy and fulfilled life through simran. Peace be upon you.